Don't Wash Grease Down the Drain

Get grease trap services for your property in Belgrade or Augusta, ME

Not everything can go down the drain safely. Washing grease and grime down the drain can cause significant plumbing problems. Thankfully, if you're dealing with a lot of contaminants daily, you can get a grease trap installation from Pat Jackson, Inc. in Belgrade or Augusta, ME.

A grease trap can help...

  • Protect your pipes from built-up grease and oil
  • Reduce the risk of clogs and blockages
  • Prevent odor development

Grease trap services are common for restaurants, schools and other businesses with commercial kitchens. Schedule your grease trap maintenance today by calling 207-623-3223.

Take care of your commercial septic system

In addition to our grease trap services, we also offer commercial septic services. This includes everything from hydro jetting, to septic tank pumping, and maintaining pump stations. No matter what size tank your business has, we're happy to repair it for you.

Get started today by scheduling an appointment with Pat Jackson.